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Vsite Content Management

Put Content in Your Control.

If your organization requires a CMS that is fully customized for your needs, easily integrates with web-based applications, and provides real-time support, then look no further than Vsite Content Management!

Vsite Content Management is an intuitive, simple-to-use content management solution that is custom built for your organization. It allows non-technical users to maintain total control over content and the presentation of content. System Users are provided with a familiar WYSIWYG interface to manage data; System Administrators are provided with total visibility and control over all system changes.

Features include:

  • Responsive Design / CSS Compatibility: Cross-Browser & Platform compatibility for all modern web browsers and devices.
  • Organization: System is organized by actions, using cross-browser, mobile-friendly Javascript drop-down menus.
  • One-click Access to Content: Allows editing of any page with one-click, through "Pages" menu.
  • Detailed Heads Up Display (Dashboard): Information about the system all in one place, including statistics, activity reports, and posting of messages between VSite users.
  • Mobile-friendly Environment: System is accessible/usable from any smartphone operating system with a modern browser (iOS, Android, Blackberry, WebOS).
  • Built in Search Engine Optimization (meta tags/keywords, titles, proper XHTML markup, SEO-Friendly URLs).
  • WYSIWYG Editor: Intuitive tool that allows easy entry and formatting of content without any knowledge of HTML, very similar to a word processor interface.
  • Embedded Media: Allows for easy insertion of YouTube, other web videos, through the WYSIGWYG editor.
  • Easy Integration of Social Media: WYSIWYG editor allows images/scripts to be used for social media feeds
  • Custom Stylesheet Editor: Ability to create custom CSS rules, accessed through the WYSIGWYG editor.
  • Real-time Content Updates: Allows content publishing changes to site instantly.
  • Infinite Levels of Content: Allows for as many levels of content as needed.
  • Dynamic Site Map/Navigations: Site map and navigation are generated automatically as pages are published to the site.
  • Hidden Pages: Allows for "hidden" pages to be created, outside of the navigations.
  • Approved Workflow: Tiered levels of approval ensure that content is always reviewed and approved before it goes live.
  • Multiple User Levels: Allows for assigning of work to different levels of user, including permissions/approval structure for lower-level users.
  • File Manager: System allows management of uploaded files in a tree-like folder structure. Also, allows for up to 4 files to be uploaded at once.
  • Standardized Site Layout: Site design and layout are standardized throughout, allowing quick page creation / modification.
  • Page Templating: Allows for special "templates" to be built (externally) and applied to pages through the system.
  • Home Page Content/Slider: Ability to change the homepage content, welcome message, and Javascript content slider.
  • Embedded "News" System: Allows for a blog-type atmosphere on any site, without any additional software needed, including keyword relation and categorization of articles.
  • RSS/Podcast Feeds: Allows news articles to be used in generating valid XML/RSS feeds, which can be subscribed to or added to readers.
  • Custom Add-on Integration: Ability to integrate custom functionality within system, depending on your needs.
  • Modules: Ability to extend your content through "Modules", either built by you in the system, or built externally. Standard installation includes "News" and "Calendar" modules.
  • Rich "Settings" System: Allows for many system-related settings to be changed right through the system itself.
  • Full Page/User Activity Reports: Records any and all actions performed on pages/by users.
  • Support Request Form: Allows clients to contact us directly, with any bug reports, feature suggestions, or comments.
  • Up-to-date "Help" File: Available at any time through the "Help" menu, in standard PDF format.
  • Stylish design: Use of icons and cool/light color palette promotes a modern environment to work in.

Want to see ES11's Vsite Content Management custom options in action? Contact us online to schedule a free consultation and demo, or call 518-782-1111 today!