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We've listened to our clients' suggestions and needs since we opened shop. Those great ideas (plus a few of our own) have gone into our software. We'll be happy to give you a tour!

Vsite™ Content Management Software

Put Content in Your Control.

If your organization requires a CMS that is fully customizable, easily integrates with web-based applications, and provides real-time support, then look no further than Vsite™ Content Management!

ES11 recognized the need for businesses and organizations to manage and maintain their own web presence and web applications. In early 2002, we initiated development of our own Content Management Software, providing our clients the benefits from such a solution. ES11 is proud to offer Vsite™ Content Management Software!

Vsite™ Content Management Software is an intuitive, simple-to-use content management solution for your organization's Internet / Extranet. The application allows non-technical users to maintain total control over content and the presentation of content. System Users are provided with a familiar WYSIWYG interface to manage data; System Administrators are provided with total visibility and control over all system changes.

Features include:

  • Responsive Design / CSS Compatibility: Cross-Browser & Platform compatibility for all modern web browsers and devices.
  • Organization: System is organized by actions, using cross-browser, mobile-friendly Javascript drop-down menus.
  • One-click Access to Content: Allows editing of any page with one-click, through "Pages" menu.
  • Detailed Heads Up Display (Dashboard): Information about the system all in one place, including statistics, activity reports, and posting of messages between VSite users.
  • Mobile-friendly Environment: System is accessible/usable from any smartphone operating system with a modern browser (iOS, Android, Blackberry, WebOS).
  • Built in Search Engine Optimization (meta tags/keywords, titles, proper XHTML markup, SEO-Friendly URLs).
  • WYSIWYG Editor: Intuitive tool that allows easy entry and formatting of content without any knowledge of HTML, very similar to a word processor interface.
  • Embedded Media: Allows for easy insertion of YouTube, other web videos, through the WYSIGWYG editor.
  • Easy Integration of Social Media: WYSIWYG editor allows images/scripts to be used for social media feeds
  • Custom Stylesheet Editor: Ability to create custom CSS rules, accessed through the WYSIGWYG editor.
  • Real-time Content Updates: Allows content publishing changes to site instantly.
  • Infinite Levels of Content: Allows for as many levels of content as needed.
  • Dynamic Site Map/Navigations: Site map and navigation are generated automatically as pages are published to the site.
  • Hidden Pages: Allows for "hidden" pages to be created, outside of the navigations.
  • Approved Workflow: Tiered levels of approval ensure that content is always reviewed and approved before it goes live.
  • Multiple User Levels: Allows for assigning of work to different levels of user, including permissions/approval structure for lower-level users.
  • File Manager: System allows management of uploaded files in a tree-like folder structure. Also, allows for up to 4 files to be uploaded at once.
  • Standardized Site Layout: Site design and layout are standardized throughout, allowing quick page creation / modification.
  • Page Templating: Allows for special "templates" to be built (externally) and applied to pages through the system.
  • Home Page Content/Slider: Ability to change the homepage content, welcome message, and Javascript content slider.
  • Embedded "News" System: Allows for a blog-type atmosphere on any site, without any additional software needed, including keyword relation and categorization of articles.
  • RSS/Podcast Feeds: Allows news articles to be used in generating valid XML/RSS feeds, which can be subscribed to or added to readers.
  • Custom Add-on Integration: Ability to integrate custom functionality within system, depending on your needs.
  • Modules: Ability to extend your content through "Modules", either built by you in the system, or built externally. Standard installation includes "News" and "Calendar" modules.
  • Rich "Settings" System: Allows for many system-related settings to be changed right through the system itself.
  • Full Page/User Activity Reports: Records any and all actions performed on pages/by users.
  • Support Request Form: Allows clients to contact us directly, with any bug reports, feature suggestions, or comments.
  • Up-to-date "Help" File: Available at any time through the "Help" menu, in standard PDF format.
  • Stylish design: Use of icons and cool/light color palette promotes a modern environment to work in.

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